Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Anthony developed an interest in music and lighting design from an early age.  He was a talented DJ in his early years and went on to graduate from New York’s famous Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in jewelry design.  He then proudly served as a master gemologist at the internationally renowned, Gemological Institute of America.

Inspired by art, music, travel and life’s many experiences, he founded Pegasus Productions in the mid-1980’s.  He states,

“I create what cannot be captured in words, song and photographs.  My life’s path is to design and by designing, I create!”

As the founder of Pegasus Productions, a leader in the automated lighting and creative design industry, Anthony and his team of talented lighting designers and technicians are known for setting the standard of excellence in providing high quality production using the finest state of the art production equipment.

Anthony strives to create the most distinctive and memorable lighting, visual and special effects that combined with music, flowers and other theatrics, will leave you breathless.  He states,

“What we do is intense! Lighting design done well is an artistic compliment to an extraordinary illusion. Our job, it to create an illusion that surpasses our client’s highest expectations!”

Anthony Truncali

Founder and President

Shawn King

Director of Client Relations and Production

Liz Kirschner

Director of Client Relations and Operations

Joey Fontana

Manager of Operations

Maggie Hannaford