Born and raised in the “Valley of the Sun” in Phoenix Arizona, Shawn received a degree in theatrical lighting design at the University of Arizona and subsequently followed his dreams to the epicenter of special events, the Big Apple!

New York City quickly afforded an already talented Shawn, the inspiration and the opportunities to not only build a career in theatrical lighting but to bridge his skills into event lighting.  He states, “My passion is design and my creativity borders obsession!” In fact, his passion for creativity led him to be a self-taught photographer who is solely credited for the images of our website.

Presently, Shawn proudly serves on the leadership team of Pegasus Productions, adding value to its creative vault.  He continues to build his portfolio of impressive and large scale events in NYC’s most notable venues while continuing to fulfill his educational needs in the newest technology on the market.

Anthony Truncali

Founder and President

Shawn King

Director of Client Relations and Production

Liz Kirschner

Director of Client Relations and Operations

Joey Fontana

Manager of Operations

Maggie Hannaford